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Business Continuity

At Semaphore Co, we’re not here to replace your IT team. We’re an extension of your team that you don’t have to invite to the holiday party, but still can count on to do what’s needed, the right way. We offer meticulously planned, process-driven, do-it-right-the-first-time services. We’ve built a simple MSP model to offer the level of service that’s best for your environment. In order to maintain business continuity and keep your organization’s RTO/RPOs running smoothly, they need to be tested each year. The environment changes with updates and new security measures that need to be implemented in order to avoid things like hacks or internal programs slowing down and possibly failing. We routinely monitor, maintain and manage your company’s IMACs, servers, firewalls and more:   

  • Monitoring
    • In most cases our team finds that to perform a failover additional items are necessary to true-up the environment
  • Maintaining Scheduled Patching
    • Maintain the IMACs and validate
  • Managing Scheduled Upgrades
    • Annual scheduled tests need to be run to ensure that a disaster is not your first test

At Semaphore Co, we’re doing what we love by expanding our services to include turn-key monitoring, maintaining and managing the environment and products you depend on every day to stay a step ahead of potential problems.

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