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At Semaphore Co, we strive to elevate the service provided to small and medium-sized businesses. We’re the IT partners your company needs; we specialize in personalized service aimed at increasing business productivity and driving efficiencies. Unlike our competitors whose only focus is being “Managed Service Providers,” we take it to the next level for our clients and do things the right way, at the highest standards. None of that wasting time or money nonsense. It’s our duty to solve the root issues, not just slap a band-aid on the surface problem for a temporary fix. Our team of self-proclaimed “geniuses” are seasoned industry experts that do things the right way the first time, and every time.

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Monitoring and Alerting

  • 24x7x365 Monitoring
  • Alerts go straight to support for increased responsiveness
  • Support available upon approval of hourly charges

Maintenance of Scheduled Patching

  • Monthly: Windows servers, VMware vSphere Hosts, VDI environments
  • Quarterly: VMware vCenter/SRM, Firewalls
  • Bi-Annual: Switches & Routers, VMware Connections Servers and NSX, Storage Appliances, Server Firmware, Exchange/Skype for Business, Veeam
  • Annual: Windows 10 VDI

Management of Scheduled Upgrades

  • Pre-Scheduled calendar of upgrades and datacenter failovers
  • Comprehensive environment oversight
  • Can also include regular onsite visits
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There’s a mutual respect between them and us; working with them, they’re very personable. You feel like they’re co-workers.

Ben Brown


They are great with consolidating servers and troubleshooting, but also with being proactive and thinking deeper, lowering the customer’s total cost of ownership.

Jeff Orr


Semaphore is rock solid. Dependable, with great communication. Their commitment to getting the job done on time, with the client’s best interest in mind is above all others I have seen in my 13 years in IT.

Daniel Archer


Semaphore is an outstanding partner providing unparalleled technology service. Their execution goes above and beyond, and their expertise is invaluable.

John Lannon

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